Lovingly perverse... 

Sensual Wrestling

I am and have always been a very feminine sort of girl.  On the other hand, since turning 40, I have discovered, (to my extreme surprise), that I seem to have put on a bit of muscle, serious muscle. (especially in my legs.)  I am not ripped like a body builder, nor would I want to be.  I am soft skinned, curvy, and well endowed without any help from a plastic surgeon.  I just so happen to be as strong as an ox, and with the chiseled legs of a dancer or figure skater. 

Imagine being seduced into the grip of a woman who is both amused and aroused by her ability to capture and hold you prisoner in a series of leg locks and more.  A Python Goddess, her snake like moves are graceful but deadly.  Under the guise of passion and with a tender touch, she closes in on you.  When her lips begin to graze your neck, all of your senses come alive.  Then, the chills begin.  You feel whisper kisses, warm breath and wait, is that a tongue flicking its way down your body?  Snakes use their tongues as touch sensors, to help them find their prey. I can relate to that.  Did you know that snakes strike with nearly a 100% success rate?  Hissssssssss

Giving in to her sensual power, you close your eyes in anticipation, so ready for what you think is about to happen.  But the next thing you know, you find yourself in a 69 style reverse head scissors hold, AND guess who now has control of that head?   The leg muscles that now frame your face, hold you in place. And what a place to be.

Does the thought of being pinned beneath such a feminine show of strength excite you?

I am the predator.  You are my prey. 

You may struggle in my grip.

But you love it anyway.

Erotic allure, verbal interaction, sexy whispers in your ears, and plenty of pins and holds, an imaginatively crafted fantasy scenario is what I offer.  There is nothing like a hungry snake, you know.

NOTE: I do not wish to participate in an actual wrestling match, not even play wrestling.  (too easy to get hurt)

Passive resistance is what I seek.

NO DISCOUNTS ON THIS TYPE OF SESSION, ever, please don't ask.