Lovingly perverse... 


"After she got done with me, I just stared in the mirror.  Eva Marie made me look so good, I wanted to f--- myself"

""This was one hell of a time!  There is nothing like this out there, anywhere!"

"Eva Marie has quite a collection of things. (oh the clothes!), wigs, make up, heels, nails, etc, and she always has some very "special effects" to enhance our fantasy play, toys galore too."

"With great lighting and strategically placed mirrors all over, Eva Marie definitely understands cross-dresser excitement."

"It was so great finally being able to share my secret passion with someone who is totally into it as well. I think I have finally overcome the guilt and now thoroughly enjoy my occasional escape into femininity."
If you are interested in cross-dressing, you must check out crossdresserfantasies.com

I do understand that there is a broad spectrum of different interests here.  Some people just love the feeling of being enveloped in silkiness and nothing more. Some have more serious dressing desires.  Getting in touch with your feminine self can be terribly exciting. Not every cross-dresser craves the same experience. I absolutely adore playing with sissies, but it is a mistake to assume that every cross-dresser is a sissy. I care enough to want to understand your needs and desires.

I entertain all cross-dressing enthusiasts, from the novice who is just curious to experience something new and different, (like the feel of tight shiny pantyhose or stockings), to those who have serious experience and a wardrobe of their own and everyone in between.  Sessions can be a beginner's "silky treatment", and can range all the way up to full dressing service, which includes full wardrobe, silky underthings, sexy dress, high heels, stockings or pantyhose, naturally,(your preference), full make-up, and hair, of course.  

I travel with cases and cases of "things", including wardrobe, all types of silky attire, name it, I've got it, full wigs, even shoes.  Undergarments are always new and whichever panties and stockings/pantyhose you choose from my collection will be offered to you as a gift to take home with you. (if you dare) With advance notice, I HAVE YOUR SIZE.

Perhaps you have already enjoyed "dressing" but only by yourself? Then just wait til you experience the sheer thrill of being able to share it with somebody.  And not just somebody, but a person who is as excited about all of this as you are! I seriously love fixing you, fussing over you, love teaching you how to pose yourself like a model or how to walk in high heels, etc.  If it is beautiful you want to feel, I'll go to great lengths to bring out that beauty, I'll guide you, coach you, encourage you, admire you.  By the time we've finished with all the dressing and primping, we will have bonded in a most unusual way.  I want you to fully enjoy the thrill of being in touch with your feminine self.  How exciting to be able to share this secret, at last.    

I also excel at fantasy and role play if you'd like to go down that road after getting dressed. (see fictional fantasies page)  This could turn out to be an experience of a lifetime.  Most likely you will re-live it for some time to come.

If these words speak to you, you are not alone. Among my clientele of special friends are government officials, high ranking military officers, movie actors and others who require absolute discretion. I put thought into keeping private things private. If you'd give me an opportunity, I will earn your trust. I offer you a safe outlet for expression. Beautiful expression.